Why should we live?

This question is being a serious problem in everyone’s life especially for those who struggle. We often heard that, “Life is continuous struggle”. In my opinion this proverb will make your life a ‘Race’.

It is true that you should be in competition but one should be always remember that there is existence of ‘Life’ which means ‘A precious gift of nature to humans’. The ability of talking, looking, feeling and moving is given to humans to only. There is quite deep conclusion in this theory of nature. It doesn’t expect something should be done by us. Life is for living. We aren’t at all living fot us.

Everyone is struggling for better future but guys what about our present? We skip happy moments by looking towards future. There are no chance of being alive till our future meets. Then why should we struggle? Every student has left his home in search of marks in examination but there are some other ways of being happy. Yes! It is absolutely true that knowledge should be gained but there is a limit – we are not a machines at all. The whole day is a busy in attending college, tuitions and practical. Then if sometime is there, we have homework and extra-lectures. The day gets over, but when should we live in this whole busy schedule? We should do the things in which we are interested.

We should do the things which our heart tell us. Living a life doesn’t mean gaining knowledge every moment. There are so many such moments which are missed by us just because of our fixed , compulsory and busy schedule;even if we are not interested in it. We miss some fun with our friends just because of study. We miss to feel sunrise and sunset just because of we have to attend school, college and office’s compulsory. We too miss enjoyable trips and adventurous journey to avoid timepass Or barriers in our studies. We avoid our family and seek a new place in order to earn money or to complete education.

Today’s hectic world is missing something. All of us had forgotten to live and enjoy life. There is an immediate need to teach us how to laugh. “A smile on our face can give a reason of living. ” Just go and catch the moment which makes you laugh.

The most important thing is that no one in our society is going to ask you after your death. We are not even guaranteed that what our life span is. So just learn to face each and every ups and down in our life with a cute smile on your face and you will feel that you are living. Don’t let the happy moments leave you in your life.

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